Friday, January 27, 2012

On the Road and a Little Homesick

We've been on vacation nearly a full two weeks; we head for home tomorrow.  I prepared the majority of this blog before leaving home, because I knew it would be accurate, because homesickness always sets in for me, after about 12 days away from home.

We spent our second week away in Sedona AZ, a beautiful part of the country and what I liken to an outdoor cathedral.  I will post some  pictures of Sedona's grandeur once I'm home and can upload the pic's from my camera to my desktop computer.  In the meantime:

While we are away what I miss most is my fur babies. In the morning my two girls often get in my lap together and they konk-out, strewn all over me. That's after they have tried to sneak a lick of coffee from my coffee mug.
Maggie grooms Lulu.
Sometimes it interrupts me from reading my iPad, but when they settle down I can read, cuddle, drink coffee and blog! What a perfect combo. Now if I could just figure out how to hook with this much love on top of me, wouldn't that be perfect?!
Lulu peers out the window to watch birds.
The girls are sisters, one year apart. Lulu, the oldest, was a very aloof puppy and adolescent. We brought Maggie home from our breeder with the hope she would be a more affectionate addition to the family. As it turns out, Maggie is a rag doll snuggle bug.  In fact her attitude is she owns us and must be in one of our laps at almost all times. Now at two years, Lulu has come around to wanting lots of attention too, so we have double trouble!
Now they have quieted down and I can read and drink my coffee again!
Corgis showed up in my life out of the blue, back in the late 1990's. I wasn't even a dog person at the time - I liked dogs, but had no interest in owning a dog. Cats were my thing. But somehow Pembroke Welsh Corgis got in front of me, and I knew I had to have one, or two, or three.  Our boy is 13 and he's slowing down, and we lost our first girl in 2009.  
Maggie is very anxious to learn how to whip a border; she especially loves helping with my dog rugs!
Lulu calmly watches the whipping process.  She's the CALM dog!
So what do Corgis have to do with rug hooking?  Well, if you go to my very first blog you'll read where I could not understand how or why hooked rugs began to appeal to me in the first place, and why I felt driven to learn how to hook.  It just happened; it showed up in my life and so did the Corgis - it just had to be.  I cannot tell you how much rug hooking  and corgis have been a life saver to me and my husband.  I will expound more on that topic at some time in the future.  If you have any stories about how rug hooking has improved your life, or been a life saver of sorts, please send me your comments! 
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