Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Saturday Hooking

Many years ago I stumbled upon this quote which I unearthed recently as I cleared off my computer table.  I love this quote and feel that it helps to make sense of my innate need to collect and create folk art. 
"A love of objects symbolic of childhood
may be especially strong in people who are
very responsible, mature and level headed.....
a relief from the intense pressures of constant
adulthood."  Dr. T. Reubens
Out of curiosity, I searched the Web for Dr. T. Reubens, but had no success in finding this enlightened doctor. I would like to read more about what the good doctor means by this profound statement.  I hope it will speak to you too. 

Today my first Saturday rug hooking group met and we had a lovely time together as we always do.  Lots of chatter, laughter and appreciation for one another's rugs.  We have a lot of diversity in the group in hooking styles, sizes and cuts and refined versus primitive preferences.  My husband participates with this group and he is our self-appointed President with only a few ground rules:  1)  have fun; 2) be nice to each other; 3) the last one who arrives brings donuts for the next month's meeting.  He is a "keep it simple" kind of guy and I think he loves being surrounded by all the women.  We are a bit of a renegade group and we like it that way! 

The group has the benefit of no less than four McGowan trained teachers who attend, but this is a free form group, no teaching, no vendors, just hooking and laughing goes on.  We bring a brown bag lunch and have purposely chosen not to take on any club or guild type structure. 

I'm posting a few pictures I took randomly, from strange directions with my iPad, when several of us tossed our rugs on the floor as we were wrapping up the day.  I need to begin taking my camera with me to our gatherings for better pictures!  So sorry these are sort of warped due to the angles.
Betty's incredible pansy rug in a 3 and 4 cut.  Betty has successfully entered several rugs for the Celebrations competition.
Pam's and my rugs.  I wish I'd gotten a better close-up of Pam's rug.
Betty with Sassy, our mascot!

Larry's rug upside down, on an angle; a representation of Mt. Fuji in Japan.  Larry is a bonsai artist too!

My rug with the border halfway finished.

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