Thursday, March 22, 2012

If it's Tuesday it Must be Magdalena Day!

The Maggie's Girls met this Tuesday but our meeting was a little slower paced than it has been.  Betty, Sandy and Denise continued work on the rugs.  Since I had finished my eagle, I worked on my KK rug to get the hit and miss finished.  I don't want to start another rug until the KK rug is done, so even though our Tuesday meetings are devoted to Magdalena, I'm waiting for the girls to catch up and finish their rugs.  I think it might be awhile.  I tend to be a speed demon.
The Maggie's Girls Gang (excep for me).  From Left, Betty, Sandy, Denise. 
Do you think they knew I was going to take their
prictures and they dressed in the same colors on purpose?!
We are all remarking about the great opportunity to use up our scrap worms in these projects.  This is one of the great appeals about the Maggie rugs.  You can really go to town using up those leftover worms on the hit and miss designs.  Here's some pics of the left-overs being used.  We've even thought about putting out piles of worms on the table in Betty's kitchen and just going to the pile for choices.  What a great way to use up those scraps!

Sandy worked on her rug during the week and has some new elements hooked. 
Don't you love the elephant colors?!

Betty continues with the circles, circles, circles. She is not complaining about them like I did when I hooked the MM rug. Seventy plus circles is a lot. But Betty is a trooper!

Denise had not added more to her rug during the week and unfortunately I had to leave early so I did not get a picture of what she hooked during our time together. 

We are still keeping our rugs a secret until they are finished; obviously, there must not be local readers of my blog because no one who hooks with us locally is letting us know they are in on our SECRET!  So, secret it remains!

Writing about this makes me want to do another Magdalena style rug.  I think I may have to give in and draw up another one!  I really want to do the lollipop bouquet all on its own, but I don't think I can make myself do the circles.  I am not a patient girl!  But I do have an idea up my sleeve on how to do that lollipop bouquet in another, easier way.  I will have to experiment with it before I show you. 

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