Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tis Spring for Sure!

The arrival of spring has the attention of many blogs - wonderful photos of spring beauty are posted all around the country.  Here in (sunny) California, we have had an over-abundance of sunshine this winter and now we are beginning to get the rain that skipped us all winter long.  And boo-hoo, I don't like the cloudy days!  I am missing the sunshine; it definitely lifts my mood and energy level when we have sunshine!

In honor of spring,  I have been dusting off my Easter patterns and re-working one in particular that has been a concern to me for a while:  Mr. E.B. Eggstraordinaire.  I have had an issue with Mr. E.B.'s nose area on my original drawing.  I haven't had enough definition to his nose (and pray tell me, how do you create definition when you are trying to keep things simple in a design?).  When I trace the pattern his nose often looks funny (in my opinion) and the resulting mishap means the pattern is not going out the door.  Fortunately I can use the reverse side of the fabric for hooking one of my own rugs.  But how many Mr. E.B.'s exist underneath one of my other designs?! 
Last night I stayed up into the wee, wee, wee hours and re-worked this fine fellow's face to get my drawing correct and now I think his nose is fixed!  I also re-worked the pattern to add a border which did not previously exist.   I am very happy with the pattern and ready to enlarge it for tracing purposes. 
Here are a few examples of the debonair Mr. E.B. in his finery.  Mr. E.B. is so fun when he's hooked.
Mr, E.B. by my husband, Larry Clark (this one is my favorite and is in my personal collection of rugs)
Mr. E.B. by Pam Timewell.  I like to think of this version as the Elton John version.
 Can you hear the piano music in the background?

Mr. E.B. by Vicki Hedin
 Isn't he a fine fellow to have out for your spring and Easter celebrations?! 

Mr. E.B. currently in my Etsy shop
Mr. E.B. by me, Kathy Clark, and he resides in Virginia.  
Here is Mr. E.B. re-worked and ready for tracing.  Isn't he a dapper fellow?!
Mr. E.B. Eggstraordinare, copyright 2007, revised 2012, Briarwood Folk Art

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