Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If it's Tuesday it Must Be Magdalena Day!

The Maggie's Girls met yesterday.  There was less actual Magdalena hooking than usual.  Ms. Betty continues to work on her lollipop bouquet and is making good progress on it, but I forgot my camera, so it will be next week before I post another picture of her rug.  Denise was away at rug camp.  Sandy and I are waiting for Betty and Denise to finish their rugs before we hook another Magdalena style rug so we  worked on finishing other rugs.

But, in honor of If it's Tuesday it Must be Magdalena Day, here are two wonderful items to share with you about Magdalena:

1)  Tere'e from Florida (and a frequent visitor to this blog) has started a new group on Rug Hooking Daily called "I Love Magdalena Briner" and the link to it is here:  RHD Magdalena group.

The group is just forming, but it will prove to be a fun and titillating place for sharing Magdalena ideas, I am sure.  If you are not a RHD member click here to join:  RHD membership.  Click on the “Members” tab and then click on the “New? Click here to join” line on the top right of the member sign-in box to set up your membership.
2)  My second surprise and pride and joy is that Trudy from Virginia finished the border on her Magdalena Menagerie rug and shared her pictures of it with me yesterday.  I love Trudy's rug.  I absolutely love it as much or more as my own.  Maybe Trudy and I should share our rugs back and forth for change every 6 months!

I feel so proud when I see my pattern hooked by others.  It is sure flattery; I love other's interpretations.  As to this rug, if you've read past posts, you will know I have converted it to other types of dogs (real breeds vs. my "Padula" breed in the original pattern).  The Welsh Corgis are winning at the odds of 3 to 1 in pattern orders.  Way to go Corgis (spoken as a true Corgi mom)!

The two new breeds I've added to this pattern are Shiatsu and Sheltie dogs.  I will post pictures of the mock-up patterns when I get them finished and colorized.

POST SCRIPT:  I just finished drafting out the Magdalena Menagerie pattern with Sheltie dogs.  Here's the colorized draft of it for looks only - these are not the recommended colors.  Isn't it cute?!

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