Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Story of Izzie Mae

Thank you -  I've received some positive feedback from adding a new banner for the blog.  It was fun to make the banner, and it made me think I should tell you the story of Izzie Mae.  Little Izzie is part fact, part fiction and a whole lot of story from my mind.  As the banner says "A girl, a hook and lots of stories" so let me tell you the tale of Izzie Mae.

Before starting, I recognize I will either lose you as a reader because you will decide I am entirely crazy or you will find my tale entertaining enough to come back again for more sheepy nonsense.  I hope Izzie Mae's story makes you smile rather than doubting my sanity.  So here goes:

I love rug hooking more than any other artistic pursuit, and let me tell you, there have been many hobbies, interests and attempts at different crafts.  When I retired last year I took some basic altered art classes.  I was scheduled to be a vendor at the Hooker Hill Rug Retreat, a small and intimate camp run by fantastic women, and I wanted to make something different for camp.  I wanted to make a statement and keep up my reputation:  the hooker who makes crazy stuff.  This all coincided at the same time I found Izzie Mae.

Izzie May's name is from my imagination as is her persona which developed after my purchase of a tin type photo of a little girl and her mother.  I named the girl Izzie Mae and so began the saga of her life as a hooker girl.   Izzie shows up sometimes as a normal girl, but she evolved into a sheep girl and has many versions.  Some of the photos are not so great; it's hard to photograph altered art.

Me and Mama - Mama knew I was destined to be a Hooker.

It's only natrual Mama let me be a Hooker when I grew up.
Color - That's the answer.  Color.  The spice of Life.  Lots of color.
Izzie Mae's life story collage.  Story is below.

Izzie Mae Hooker- Snooker
I was born’d on Hooker Hill in July 1847.
Becuz of my natural talents, Mama always
said I was meant to be a hooker.
  I been hookin’ for
so many years I can’t
  remember when I started
but I love every
 minute of it.  I tried
   bein’ refined and usin’
 those small cuts, but
I’m a prim girl at heart.
I’ve tried a lot of
  things, but hookin
is my best talent.
In 1863 I was married to
Billy T. Goat & we’z plannin’
 on havin a big
brood of kids startin’
any time now.
And this is Izzie Mae's cousin Matilda.  They don't show much family resemblance between one another.

Now that you know Izzie Mae, will you still come by to see me for future blog posts?!

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