Friday, May 18, 2012

Just a Little Cat and Mouse?

Have you read my friend Loretta's blog:  Hooked on the Lake?  You can read it at if you have not seen it.  I met Loretta in January in Arizona at the Karen Kahle class.  Loretta came all the way from Canada to take the class.  Of course, in January it's a good thing to head south from Canada for any excuse to escape the cold.  But in this case Loretta wanted to study with Karen and this gave us common ground as hookers.

We spoke a bit during class, but not a lot.  I wish we had been sitting next to each other because that way we would have been yakking a lot more.   But since taking the class we have been email buddies and have shared our thoughts on making rugs look very old, as in vintage old.  I hope someday soon we can hook together because we have a mutual love for old looking rugs.  We could probably gab our way through endless hours of discussion on making rugs antique-ish.

Loretta often blogs about mice in her house.  She lives by the lake, in the country in Ontario, so the little critters love to visit her house and her four cats do a good mousing job.  I love the story on today's blog about the cat notifying Loretta and Gord at all hours of the night that a mouse is in the (live) trap.  I found the story so endearing I sat down and drew out a silly design in Loretta's honor.  So here is "Mouse in the House" which I envision in very muted colors and looking very old once hooked.  I can't wait to find time to hook it!  And now you can see why my Magdalena Meow Mix cats are not getting done!

Mouse in the House Prototype for Pattern

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