Sunday, June 24, 2012

If it's Tuesday it must be Magdalena Day

The Maggie's girls have finally regrouped and we are working on some new Magdalena designs.  Betty, Linda and Grace are hooking the two crows featured on the cover of the book Rug Hooking Traditions with Magdalena Briner Eby.

Sandy is starting a Magdalena Menagerie rug of my design with Jack Russell terriers in it (although her dogs are actually the Parsons Terriers that look a lot like the Jacks).

Denise is still finishing background from her first Magda style rug, and Daniella and I are hooking the lollipop bouquet by itself.

Here are some pictures from our first major day of hooking together, although some of the rugs were started the week before.
Betty's crows. 
Linda's crows.
Denise's first session rug, it's nearing completion.
Daniella's lollipop bouquet.  Isn't this amazing?  It is an incredible pastel bouquet.  It is going to be a knockout.
Oh and by the way, Daniella hooked all the circles in about one day!  Only a little bit type A huh?!
Daniella's corner closeup.
The basket in progress on Daniella's rug; fun huh?
This is my lollipop bouquet.
Sandy brought all these well organized worms for us to use too.  Isn't this fun?  Sort of like Christmas morning!
Unfortunately Sandy and Grace left before I could get their rug photographed so I cannot show you their progress on the blog this week.  But I can confirm, after our Wednesday night meeting that Sandy has all her lollipop circles hooked (another over achiever I would say) and Grace was reverse hooking her leaf in her crow rug.

I am trying some alternative fabrics in my rug and will feature some information about the process of adding the fabrics in the next posting.  Standby for more Magdalena sharing.

Happy Hooking!
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