Monday, June 18, 2012

My Rug Camp Rug Post 3

I am adding one more post on my rug from Cambria Pines Rug Camp, then I'm going to highlight the other/better half of the household which is Larry's rug from camp in my next post.

At the present moment I have decided to put my Corgi dogs antique rendition aside and I will continue work on it at my next camp:   Hooker Hill Rug Retreat

In this past week I've made some changes to the rug, before setting it aside.

I am satisfied with how I've hooked Gracie into my rug but Piper has been through about 4 transitions in his face.

The first face was very cutesy and had a heart shape to it.  My friend Gail noticed the heart shape first, then it stood out to me once she asked me if I had intentionally hooked the face with a hidden heart. Some people do this - adding hearts into their rug in a sort of hidden way.  While I like the idea of doing this it was not intentional and I actually wanted to reduce Piper's cutesy look.
I superimposed a heart shape in the photo above to show this random shape in the rug.  Below, is a photo to show you the changes Piper's face has gone through since I returned home from camp.  Now before you look at this photo carefully, you have to know that Elizabeth Black was teaching at camp.  Elizabeth is a master at animal faces hooked in fine cuts and her students were doing magnificent work.  So as you can imagine I didn't carry my rug all around camp to show it off because my dog faces are very PRIMITIVE.  Remember, I don't do fine cut hooking so my guys will be prim.

Here are the changes Piper's face has gone through after version one above.
The order of these faces are:  face 1 (with heart super imposed above), face 2 on the left of the trio of faces above, face 3 in the middle and face 4 on the right is currently in the rug.  You can see face 4 is cute like face 1, but not as cutesy and not heart shaped?  I think that's the face that's going to stay in the rug.  Just as a reminder his is real-life Piper's picture again.
You can see in the picture of the three faces above that the right ear has been redrawn a few times.  After hooking the original drawing on the pattern, the head looked strange without more of a profile to his face, so I tweaked the pattern.  Here's my original mock-up of the pattern for reminder's sake and you can see only his little nose was going to show.
This is as far as I've gotten so far on this rug.  It is my most favorite rug I've ever hooked by far!  But my corgis are in it, so how could it be otherwise?!
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