Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paying the Price for So Much Fun!

We got home from Cambria Pines Rug Camp Friday and today is Sunday and we are still paying the price for so much fun:  tired, tired, tired!  We had a great time and would go again tomorrow if possible!

Here are some initial pictures of camp.  I will cover a few posts about my rug in progress and changes (reverse hooking) as I hooked the pattern over the next week.

A clean room before the hooking crowd descends!  Pris Butler Klimt rugs are in the distance.

Diane Phillips was our teacher; she was GREAT! 
Diane has made these word rugs and they are fascinating in person.  Diane's use of color is incredible.

Diane is relaxing with us after a long day of teaching; she's a gem of a woman!

Diane's dog.

Another dog by Diane.
This is Max in progress by my friend Gail Becker.  Max is her grand-dog.
Here's Max by the end of camp.  Isn't he fantastic.  Everyone loved his tongue.  The tongue got more comments than anything!

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