Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If it's Tuesday it must be Magdalena Day

Hello All,
I can't say why I've been so behind in posting these pictures from the Tuesday Maggie's Girls meeting of last week, but here they are.  Later today I'll have a few more for you.

Denise is rounding the bend on the rug; near to completion and border started.

This is only Grace's second rug.  She is a natural at primitive.

Karen is working on this colorful horse in hit and miss style.

Sandy has been avoiding starting the dogs; but I know on good authority one of them is well underway by now.

Betty and Fred in progress.

Lynda must be hooking in her sleep she is so fast.

Well maybe I hook in my sleep too, as my rug is now finished and I bound it over the weekend.  
While not a part of the Tuesday Maggie's group due to distance, the following picture is from Jane Ave Lallemant in Seattle Washington of her finished Magdalena Menagerie pattern with corgis.  As the pattern designer I feel like a proud Grandmother of this rug.  Isn't it precious?  Jane did a wonderful job with it.  The dogs are adorable and her use of wool is great for an old time look.  Great work Jane!

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