Monday, July 23, 2012

Off to Rug Camp Again!

Hello all,
Remember this rug?  I have been saving it for my July rug camp.

I will be working to finish it this week.  We will be at the Hooker Hill Rug Retreat run by the Wool Poppies of Fresno CA.  The Wool Poppies members do such a nice job of putting on an intimate camp in a lovely Sierra foothills location.  These ladies are kind, considerate, helpful, organized and work as an amazing team to put on a very nice camp.  They are a class act!

The classrooms are airy and bright with natural light and look out to pine trees and a pond.  Every night there is happy hour and evening hooking with mini classes on two nights.  The sleeping rooms are RUSTIC, well, what can I say, it's not the Hyatt or Hilton.   I do miss a comfy room, but you can't have everything.  The food is OK, but the companionship at meals is the bomb, which makes up for any other discrepancies!  Oh, another special feature this year is that several of my best hooking friends will be at camp with us too!  How much more can I ask for?  Hmmm, more wool?  It will be a great week.

My teacher at camp will be Michele Wise.  I've never met Michele but she seems very versatile in her hooking background.  I am sure I will have a great time and learn a lot from her.

Please have a safe week and I will share lots of new pictures when I return!
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