Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Pictures From Rug Camp!

I've had a busy week, getting ready to hit the road again.  Yes, me the stay-at-home bore, is going on the road again for more hooking!  This time I'm heading to Dallas!  Yes, here I go to hook with the prim Ladies!  I hear Texas women love primitive so I can't wait to meet these hookers after my heart!

I have been graciously invited by Martha Reynolds who organizes the Yellow Rose Rug Camp to join her at her home, tour Dallas and go to her local hooking group, and then head to San Antonio for the 11th Annual Angela Pumphrey Rug Hooking Workshop on August 17 - 19th.  I can't wait!

Before I go I want to add this post of more pictures from Hooker Hill Rug Retreat.  A few of you have emailed me and asked where is my rug from camp.  I added it at the bottom of this page.  So here go the other fun pictures from rug camp where you can see a good time is being had by all.  I've given credit wherever I can, but oh my, I've forgotten who did a few of these lovelies.

My dear buddies Deb (left) and Sandy (right) work away on their rugs.
Max in progress by Gail Becker; Gail was my table mate at Cambria rug camp,
so you've seen some other pictures of Max back in June.

My dear "sister" Trudy made this little guy up from a kit I sold at camp last year.  He turned out so cute.  Way to go Trudy.
This is Trudy's snowman hooked altered art project from the mini-class I taught at camp last year.
She wanted me to specifically know she finishes projects, as being social is as much a part of rug camp for Trudy as hooking is.  I love her, she's my adopted sis!
Debby shows off her cat finished since the year before.  Debby is the  person working on the 5'
diameter plane rug I featured in the previous post and she is a Celebrations winner.
Andrine shares her large sunflower rug.  It is very dynamic in person.
Sandy shares her magnificent ship rug (Edith O'Neill pattern).
It is so beautiful.  I love this rug.  It is Sandy's special rug camp project going to many camps with her!

Gail's rug from a Teachers' Workshop class.  Isn't the sky amazing?!
Gail shows another Teachers' Workshop project she taught
this year at  McGowan Western  Teachers' Workshop.
Deb shows a fine cut hooked on wool pansy.  What a beauty.

Deb's rug from last year at Hooker Hill.  So cute:  Gracie and Grover.
Barbara's angels.
I think this is another Michele Wise rug.  
Andrine's purse project from last year at Hooker Hill.
Michele Wise's whimsy rug of dolls.  Each face was hand painted.  Michele is so multi-talented in fiber arts.
This rug is by Barbara and I think she started it two years ago at Hooker Hill.  It is totally full of surprise little bugs, sculpted flowers and even snail trail (iridescent yarn), and fun, fun, fun.  A little something tucked all throughout it.  I think it represent's Barb's garden.

OK, now my rug.....  here it is.  I am not that happy with the sky and hence I have not touched the rug since returning home from Hooker Hill.  I think I'll finish it off and see if it grows on me, once I get back from TX.  My dissatisfaction is over the fact the sky is too dramatic.  All of colors in the sky  appeared so light in value before hooking and now they appear so much darker than I want.  I may pull  out all of the sky but certainly it is bound to stretch my linen, and I don't know that I want to take this risk.
I think the sky competes with the dogs too much; I want the dogs to be front and center in this rug.  Gracie is showing up well against the blue sky, but little Piper sort of gets lost.  I will finish the sky with the wool I have and live with down on the floor for a while before binding it.  It will either grow on me or I'll reverse hook it.  And let me tell you, this is a big sky.  This is all I got done in a week at rug camp!  I'll show more pictures  in the future when I finish it. 

While I'm gone:  I have one Magdalena style blog post scheduled.  You won't want to miss this one!  It is amazing, so even tho' I'm gone, please check back in about a week for the Magdalena Meets Andy Warhol post.  Cheers, and Yippe Yi Ay as I'm on my way to Texas.

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