Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh my, where has she gone?

Hello all,
Yes, I'm still around, the black sheep on the run and grinning all the way.

I took a little rug run over to the grand state of Texas for 12 days, then came home to a medical emergency with my husband who shared the germs with me.  My stomach sounds like a Texas thunderstorm today, but I'm finding my feet again and beginning to believe that coming home was a good thing.  Larry has had this bug longer than I have so fortunately he's ahead of me in recovery as he had the worst case of it and spent two days hospitalized because of it.

Larry and I have been exploring the idea of moving to a 55+ active adult community and part of my trip to Texas involved a big looky-loo at three active adult communities; two are in the greater Dallas area and the other is north of Austin.  I already knew there were a lot of hookers and hooking events in Texas, so I had no second thoughts about that aspect of Texas.  But a big part of my mental energy went to visualizing myself leaving northern California for Texas.  We've already done this drill in several other western states and so far nothing beats home when you factor in weather, amenities and the beauty of our home area.  So I went with an open mind and knowledge that home prices are unbelievably good in Texas, people are friendly and hooking is a big thing and I used the trip to seriously scope out housing options.

I had a wonderful trip and will tell you more about it and share lots of pictures over the next several posts.  Today's post is short because my energy and concentration are not up to par due to the bug I've been fighting.  Here's just a bit of longhorn steer art to share with you.

I hope you are all well and I'll be posting rug hooking pictures from my trip soon.

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