Monday, September 24, 2012

House so clean, house so neat, I'm bored stiff!

We're completing week two of our house being up for sale.  While every room is not in 100% order, the house does look darn near perfect.  To keep it this way, all my active hooking projects are in the back of my car - the hooking on wheels mobile.  If I decide to hook I pull a project from the car, hook, clean up and put it back in the car.  I can't fit anything else in my car, but at least my hooking is corralled.
Houses!!!!!   Pattern by Karen Kahle
With the house so neat and orderly I've questioned if I even want to hook anymore.  It is so easy to keep the house in order now ..... maybe I should give up hooking.  Hooking does make a big mess - or at least my style of hooking does - but there's only one problem:  I am bored out of my mind with the house being so neat, clean and sterile!

Last week I was reminded by a friend of the theory that St. Joseph helps in selling a home.  We would like to have a quick sale, get this over with and move onward to our future plans.  So I decided it was worth a try to get St. Joe involved.

Have you heard about this?  It's an interesting phenomena.  St. Joseph is the patron saint of real estate and selling homes. There is a ton of stuff about this on the web and St. Joseph house selling kits even exist in a variety of price ranges.

Here's an overview from Amazon on the kits:

Having trouble selling your home? It may be because you haven't buried a statue of St. Joseph in your front yard! Legend has it, that if you bury him upside down near the "For Sale" sign in the back yard or in a flower pot, and then say a little prayer (one is included with your purchase for a little guidance), then your house will sell! Couldn't hurt, right? Also included with your underground realtor: story of St. Joseph saint card with illustrated picture and prayer step-by-step instructions for planting The tradition of burying a statue of Saint Joseph finds its roots in the ancient Catholic custom of burying blessed medals in the ground, invoking God's blessing on the area. It is not the medal, but the blessing which brings God's power. Today homeowners of all denominations ask for St. Joseph's help in selling and buying their homes. There are many documented cases of his powerful intercession. Just as Mary and Jesus looked to Joseph for provision, strength and guidance in his role as husband and father, we encourage you to look to St. Joseph for help in the sale of your property and home. While there is no guarantee that this practice will result in the sale or purchase of property, it couldn't hurt to try it in today's tough real estate market.

There are many testimonials about success with enlisting the help of St. Joseph - just Google it to read more about the success many people have had in a horrible housing market.  Or read the customer reviews for the kits from the Amazon website.  It is fascinating and uplifting!  While we haven't had a sale yet, here's two remarkable things that have happened since we went to the Catholic bookstore to get a statue of St. Joe.
St. Joseph House Selling Kit.  Available in various styles from several distributors.
More houses!!!!!  Pattern by Karen Kahle

  • A week ago we were informed an offer was coming in on the house and it sounded like a good one.  After a few days passed with no additional word on the offer, we began to doubt it would happen.  When we went to the Catholic bookstore to get our St. Joseph statue and prayer card I was on my iPad monitoring email and there were no new messages from our realtor.  We were in the store about five minutes.  I fired up the iPad upon our return to the car and bingo, there was a message saying that the potential buyers are still interested but taking time to consider alternatives to financing.

    Note:  it's 5 days later and we still haven't received an offer from them yet ..... but we're still hoping!

  • The lady across the street informed us 2 days before we listed our house that she's selling too.  Oh great, isn't competition in a tight market just what you need?  To top it off, she didn't actually list her house, she just allowed a realtor to put up a big sign reading "Coming Soon" which would help to disrupt the traffic to our house.  I was so bummed about this.  Direct competition where folks could go inside both houses is one thing, we can stand our ground on that type of comparison.  But to put a big ole sign out that tantalizes people and makes them wonder what they're missing... that's downright cruel.  We buried St. Joseph on Wednesday and by Saturday that sign was down.  I don't know what it means, but the sign is gone and I'm happy about it!  

Larry was a total skeptic about the St. Joesph approach, but after these two things he's a believer.  Now we just need the actual sale to really promote St. Joe to everyone we know!
Houses, houses, houses, let's get a sale!  Pattern by Karen Kahle

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