Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anonymous Feedback - Just Say No!

In my last post I blogged about my inadequate skill in making penny rugs and completing the handwork part of it.  I showed examples of my poor skills.  I must have hit a nerve for one reader who is quite the cyber bully.  The comment sent to me from "Anonymous" was very mean spirited by telling me what a loser I am, that I'm not good at rug hooking and I should stick to crayolas as they are my speed.

This type of comment leads me to wonder what possesses a person to be mean spirited. Isn't there enough ugliness in our world without adding to it through cyber bullying?  And if my blogging is so offensive, why does this person even read my blog?  To raise their blood pressure?

This isn't my first experience with the cyber bullying nor am I singled out.  There is quite a bit of this in the world of blogging and many of the hooking bloggers have been subjected to it.

I just wonder how hard life must be for someone who can't help themselves from making cruel comments via the cloak and dagger approach of anonymous comments.

So here's a message back to you Mr. or Ms. Anonymous:   I hope you find some grace in your day that helps you locate kindness in your soul versus the need to try and hurt others.  Life is short..... try kindness versus anger and you might experience a more joyful path through life.
Post Script:  Life is full of polarities; where there is ugliness there is also beauty.  In response to the post above I received a lovely email from a woman who I do not know, but now count as a friend.  For sake of privacy, I will share her comments without her name.  This is the email I received this evening, with the subject:  "Don’t let that cyber bully get you down!"

"I just had to email you personally and let you know how much I LOVED your wool applique squirrels! I became a new follower because of it! That's what primitive is all about - imperfection and heartfelt creating. Only God can create a perfect thing. I looked at your wool applique and thought how sweet it is!
You answered that cyber bully perfectly - love and hate can't coexist - and you chose love :)
Can't wait to see what you create next."

In a week of Thanksgiving, I am blessed to know a new friend!  
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