Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rekindling a Special Bond

While in AZ for the class with Sharon Smith, I rekindled in-person contact with Loretta Moore of Hooked on the Lake blog (see the blog list on the right to link to Loretta's blog).  Loretta is from Canada and we met in January 2012 at another hooking workshop in Arizona.  Meeting a year ago has led to sharing emails every few days since last January and cyber-bonding over a mutual love for primitive style rugs.

I sat next to Loretta during Sharon's class and we went to dinner a few times and did a bit of antiquing with Loretta and her husband Gord.  Gord and Larry (my DH) got along well so it was a very pleasant time.  We will be visiting Loretta and Gord in Canada when I teach a class for Loretta in September.  We look forward to the trip of course, but now that we spent many fun hours with Loretta and Gord it will be all the more fun to look forward to our Canadian trip later this year.

Here are some pictures of Loretta sharing her progress on her rug in class.

I've thought about writing on the topic of rug hooking and friendship several times.  I can't say enough about what hooking has done for my life in relation to developing new friends and increasing my friendship circle.  Hooking entered my life at a crucial time when I was very stressed over a demanding job, long daily commute and my elderly parent's health care needs.  I was feeling isolated, exhausted and empty.  Rug hooking got me through some challenging years.

When you work full time it is hard to take time and find the energy you need to cultivate new and continuing friendships.  Joining several hooking circles provided instant gratification for friendship while reducing stress.  What a perfect combination, yes?

I am so please to know Loretta and look forward to meeting her Canadian circle of hookers.  I am hoping we can return the favor by luring Loretta and Gord to California once we are relocated and we can offer Gord two championship golf courses just around the corner in our new community.

Speaking of Gord and golf, we saw this fun car in Scottsdale and it made us instantly chuckle.  See the golf ball design in the background paint?  Isn't it cute?  And they say Canadian gas is more expensive than it is in the states, so wouldn't this be a perfect car for Gord?

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