Friday, February 8, 2013

Antiquing in Arizona

Since I don't have any fun rug hooking adventures to share with you, let me post one more fun and exciting find I made in Arizona.

A relatively new antique venue is now available in Phoenix:  Sweet Salvage.  This venue is held on the third Thursday - Sunday of each month and it is an exciting treasure trove of eclectic and collectible salvage.  Here's a link for information:

The Sweet Salvage advertising says "a fresh theme and fresh merchandise every month."  During our visit the theme was all about the garden shed and every vendor offered an enchanting vignette of garden salvage.

We were warned about the show being so popular it is mobbed with a very long line the first day, so we waited until Friday to attend.  The crowd was moderate at that time and the experience was wonderful.  We were warmly greeted upon entering the warehouse and invited to take pictures for sharing.  Here are some great shots of what we saw and I'm sorry they seem just a tad blurry.  I was using my iPhone instead of my camera.

Remember in my last post how I shared that I am trying to purge and reduce my collections?  Well I couldn't get past this assemblage of old silver plate trays (above) as something I want to highlight in the kitchen area at our new home.  I did not purchase the cloche dome which I sort of regret now that I look at the assemblage again, but the rest of it is already packed for the move to the new house.

Isn't this a fantastic antiquing find?  I can't wait to go again, even though it's about a 800 miles away.  We will be sure to try to schedule our visits to AZ on the third week of the month from now on!  Check this venue out if you can in Phoenix.  You won't be disappointed if you love chippy paint, shabby chic, eclectic and vintage all in one large room!
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