Monday, July 15, 2013

Gone to the Dogs Again!

Me and dogs.  Love them!  While in Tyler TX at the Star of TX Camp, I met a  hooker who also loves dogs.  Kathy from Fort Worth TX saw some of my patterns at camp, and this led to some new pattern developments.

Kathy loves hooking dogs and her canines are well represented as are her grand-dogs too.  To personalize the patterns for Kathy's family, I converted the Magdalena Menagerie pattern to include German Shepherds.
Magdalena Menagerie with German Shepherds by Kathy Clark all rights reserved.  Colors for illustration purposes only
After a couple weeks Kathy contacted me and asked me to make up another pattern of her grand-dog, two Akitas and a black Lab mix.  Here are the two prototype versions I worked up for Kathy to choose from.
Akitas and Lab mix with a Magdalena flair by Kathy Clark all rights reserved.
Another version is this one and its the one she selected as the final pattern:
Akitas and Lab mix in a simpler background so the dog dominate the pattern by Kathy Clark all rights reserved.
I think Kathy is going to have a busy summer hooking all her dogs, but she'll have fun doing so.  Thank you Kathy for sponsoring my business and love of making dog patterns.

If you wish to pin pictures for Pinterest, please respectfully credit The Grinning Sheep Blog for the photos.  All rights reserved on original artwork in the patterns shown.
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