Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yellow Rose Rug Camp????

Hello to All,

Yes, I am a poor blogger and for a long time now I've been quiet.   I've had good reasons, if you read the post previous to this one.  

I am trying to get back into the world of hooking and the most pressing matter is:

Is Yellow Rose Rug Camp
really going to take place in March?

The status of Yellow Rose Rug Camp in Texas is a huge mystery right now.  I am supposed to be teaching at Yellow Rose but I've received no class roster and my efforts to text, email and telephone the camp director result in no response from her.

Students who signed up for my class are emailing me to ask me what is going on?  I wish I knew what is going on, but I have no more information than others seeking answers.

Contacts in Texas tell me no one is hearing back from the camp director .... no return communication to emails, text messages or phone calls.  It is very disheartening.  If you signed up to be in my class, please email me at and we can do some advance planning, but honestly, contacts in Texas think the camp will likely not take place.

I hope for the best, but we are only 6 weeks out from camp and nothing is happening to confirm there will be a camp.  If you know anything more about this issue please email me.

Ending on a positive note, look at this cutie by Deb McCullough:  Labs in the Garden from a pattern and kit I put together for Deb.  Isn't it a happy rug?  I love it.  Good work Deb!!!

Hooked by Deb McCullough
Pattern by Kathy Clark, Briarwood Folk Art

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