Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Making a Hooking Comeback

I've been missing for many months....why?  Life was in the way.  You know how that happens, right?

Things such as a move to a new home last March, followed by house renovations, a month abroad in Europe last June, a lovely visit for two weeks with our granddaughter in July and other small matters made both blogging and hooking hard to do. 

I actually did not hook for nine months because of so many projects and excursions.  Then, dear Margie from Dallas came to visit me in August to hook primitive style with me for a week and my appetite for hooking was reignited.

While Margie was here I hooked the Magdalena rug below as an example for show and tell for a one day class I gave on Magdalena's style of hooking at my local rug hooking guild. 

I used a Wool Mat Finish with Doo Dad Decoration to bind this rug; this finish is included in a booklet I self published last fall on rug finishing techniques.  The first edition of the booklet is nearly sold out and more are on order; I will update the blog to let you know as soon as I have more booklets available in my Etsy shop.  It will probably take about three weeks; I had no idea they would fly out of the shop as they have, but I do THANK YOU!!!
Fun with Wool ~~ Eleven Fun and Different Folk Art Finishes for Hooked Rugs
by Kathy Clark, Briarwood Folk Art
On top of being busy and not blogging, the bigger issue the past several months was that I got locked out of Blogger and could not get back in.  I hope, I think, I may have that issue under control now!  We shall see if this blog post gets published.  Here goes, I'm hitting the publish button now! 

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