Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Hooking Reflections

Hello Friends!
I haven't created anything new these past two weeks, but I'm posting pictures of animal rugs I completed in the past few months.  Diane from Florida purchased these four rugs to add to her collection of animal hooked rugs.  Diane is very active in animal welfare, so I am happy she has my dog and cat rugs as a true animal lover.  Thank you Diane for supporting my rug hooking efforts!  I am grateful people like Diane purchase my rugs, as it gives me an opportunity to hook more rugs! 

 As I pulled these pictures up for posting, I realized that I hooked at least twice as many more cats and dogs in 2011 that are not shown here.  Most of the rugs are smaller mats that have sold in my Etsy shop.  I love doing animal rugs.  I have many more planned for my 2012 hooking adventures! 

Please note:  research I've conducted indicates antique rugs created before 1923 are no longer subject to copyright law and this is why these rug patterns are offered for sale by commercial rug hooking vendors.  Before replicating any antique rug pattern, please attempt to determine the date of the rug's origination to be consistent with copyright.

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