Thursday, December 22, 2011

I've been working on some fun primitive dolls lately, as a means to do something different in my folk art pursuits and to create some variation from straight rug hooking.  So far, I've made a few primitive fabric dolls and a small "Keeping Angel" make-do. 

 The body for the  pumpkin man is adapted from a pattern  from The Vintage Polkadot.  I changed the head on this doll from what came with the pattern.  He sits up by himself and is quite a fellow!  On the snowman doll, I roughed out a rag doll type body. 

One of the women at my Wednesday night hooking group asked me what a "Keeping Angel" is.  To me it's an angel that symbolizes "keeping" you calm, soothed, and safe in spirit, and believing in good outcomes.  My first Keeping Angel fits nicely in your hand and can accompany you to any room of the house.  I am happy with her and plan to make more like her.  She looks more "portly" in this picture than she really is.  In fact she is much cuter in person.  I guess in this picture she's taking after her creator, a portly hooker!
Watch my Etsy Shops for some of these creations, as I get more made up.  Some of these guys have already been adopted by hooker friends. 

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