Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Closin' in on those little doggies!

I've been hooking like a wild woman the past 5 days.  I think it's a reaction to the crisis we experienced over the past few weeks when my mother took a serious turn in her health.  She is much better now, but this latest incident has certainly affected her strength and abilities.  Mom will be 91 this Sunday, so we all know health challenges will prevail. 

Nothing was life threatening over the past few weeks, but her "new" condition required moving her to assisted living.  It has changed her whole world.  While we all accept the change intellectually, it's taken an emotional toll on us.  Now, with more time to rest, catch up on my own household and hook, I have immersed myself in the MM rug as my therapy.

The rug is so large it is hard to get a picture of the whole rug.
I am a fast hooker, but somewhat careless in my speed.  I've been trying hard to get my loops more consistent instead of choppy.  I know with a primitive style I can get away with less refined hooking, but still I want more consistency in my rugs.
Big Dog Hollow

For the most part, I am happy with the rug and it will look good in the family room with my Big Dog Hollow rug.  The colors and styles are compatible. 

 I changed out the wool in the lollipop bush vase, and I like the new choice better, but I'm still not wild about it.  It will do.  The middle will be warped from re-hooking, I'm sure. 

The one section I still am second guessing at this point is the right lower area below the dog - the squiggly area.  It is sort of bothering me, so I may be playing with it more.  Time will tell! 

I don't like the squiggly under the dog.  It may change.
If you have any feedback about changes, I am open to hearing them.  I know folks tend to always give lots of positive feedback, but I am open to critiques that improve the rug too, so please feel free to comment.  
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