Thursday, February 23, 2012

Magdelena Menagerie Interior Finished

I finished the inside of the MM rug last night.  Now it's on to hooking the border and that will be real fun, I'm sure.  I'm still contemplating some changes to the rug, especially in the area under the right dog.  Now that the fun parts are hooked, I'm not quite as driven to work on the rug; after all, borders can be a bit boring!
Trudy has finished her rug too, pending work on the border.  Here are some pictures of her rug.  I am really tickled by her work on the MM pattern.  I love the crisp yet primitive colors she chose and the warmth of her background.  She did a fabulous job on the pattern.  Thank you Trudy!

This was a fun pattern to hook because it is ever changing, but the palette of wools was simple for the most part.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing the rug in progress and that you aren't tired of it!  I will post a few pictures of it as the border comes along.

Next on my frame:  going back to work on my Karen Kahle rug.

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