Thursday, February 2, 2012

Karen Kahle Class, Continued

Vintage Scroll by Karen Kahle.
In the previous blog post I shared how Karen provided an assortment of wool choices for students, based on the pattern they selected to hook in class.

My friend Dawna also selected the pattern "Heart in Hand" but she had asked Karen to bring her an assortment of wools similar to the colors in the rug "Vintage Scroll."   

Center motif background wools.

It was fascinating to Dawna and me to hook the same pattern with very different colors of wool. 

This picture shows the background colors of the center motif of Dawna's rug based on the "Vintage Scroll" colors.  These background wools will also be incorporated into the hit-n-miss part of the rug, along with many additional colors of wool.

Hit-n-miss wools for Dawna's rug.
In this next photo, the selection of hit-n-miss wools are stacked around the central motif, to view how the colors are interacting together.

Note the dark brown wool on the right side of the photo.  This brown color will be one of the dominant colors in the hit-n-miss as it is in "Vintage Scroll" but it was tucked under the other wools when the photo was taken.

Progress on Dawan's rug.

I cannot wait to see how Dawna's rug turns out.  The colors are scrumptious and so different from mine. 

Comparatively, the colors I am using are more muted and light and will be similar to Karen's original "Heart and Hand" rug. 

Hit-n-miss wools for my rug, a much lighter palette.
Progress on my rug by the end of the class.
While I learned a lot in class and it had a lasting impression on me, I think I would have to take this class several more times to better incorporate Karen's magnificant style.  I am so glad I had this opportunity.  And, ever since the class, I have been dreaming of wool combinations each night as I sleep!  What sweet dreams!  Stay tuned, as I still have many pictures to share from class. 

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