Saturday, February 4, 2012

Karen Kahle Class, More Continued

I've been posting pictures to show you a couple rugs that are the same Karen Kahle pattern, but different wool selections.  Today I'm sharing more pictures from class to give you some eye candy from the work of other hookers in the room. 

It is worth studying each picture carefully to see the interesting variety of wools being used in the rugs.  As you know, Karen uses many wools in her rugs; too many to count sometimes.  Her work is more mosaic and Impressionist in style than traditional rug hooking.  This unique style really works well!  The rugs are "the bomb" as they would say!  So for your viewing pleasure, here are some more student rugs in progress.  Enjoy!

Linda's rug; almost 100% in neutral tones; this rug was amazing.
Diane's Antique Rose Runner.  Diane was late to hooking with us, as she
was our hostess extraordinaire and spent a lot of her time pampering us!
Loretta's Apothecary Rose with a dark background!  OMG, I think
this was best in show!  I love the dark background.  I want this rug!
Close-up of Loretta's rug.  Did I tell you alread?  I want this rug! 
Nada's fun rug.
Carol's fun, fun cat and mice!

Work on Sentimental.  I love this rug too, and now I wish I'd worked on it!

Another Apothecary Rose rug.

Kathy's rug in progress.

And Now:  Drum Roll Please!!!

Karen our teacher and Diane our host and workshop coordinator!  
What a fun experience! 

Next I will share pictures I took of Karen's rugs, then we are heading back to my Magdalena Menagerie rug!  I've made a lot of progress on it and I want to catch you up on it!  Happy hooking! 
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