Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bit by the Magdalena Bug

I last blogged about the great day I had on Tuesday of this week when I hooked with three friends who are interested in studying Magdalena Briner Eby's style of hooking.  Two of the three ladies recently took a workshop where they began preparing patterns with all sorts of animal cut-outs and symbols, intended to lead to a Magdalena style rug. 

I also reported in that blog that I could hardly keep my hands off their patterns with my marker in hand, due to my overwhelming desire to mark the patterns up with all kinds of elements reminiscent of Magdalena's rugs.  But I did restrain myself; it is amazing, but I did!

Wednesday evening we met for our normal weekly hookin, and Sandy entered the house full of enthusiasm for the previous days hooking.  She immediately told me she could not get Magdalena off her mind and she was ready to mark her rug up for more hit-n-miss and symbols.  Oh, what fun!

At that point, Sandy had hooked the lower left corner in the beginning stage of hit-n-miss.  She was thrilled with her progress and ready to add more. 

We went into the kitchen where we could lay out the rug and look through the Rug Hooking Traditions with Magdalena Briner Eby book for more inspiration.  It was as if Sandy was in an altered state!  She was so excited and I loved joining her in working on the design.
Sandy is working on the pattern to add more design elements.  She's jazzed about going "all out Magdalena" on this rug!
Here you can see she is adding in lines to encourage hit-n-miss hooking.

What a fun evening we had using our imagination on how to make the rug more fun and interesting.  Standby for next Tuesday's report!  Happy hooking to everyone!

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