Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Dog Fun!

Yesterday I took my finished Magdalena Menagerie (MM) rug to my local guild meeting for show-and-tell.  People who love prim rugs have loved this one when they see it (can you tell I'm very proud of it).  So it didn't surprise me when one of my guild sisters told me she wants to hook the rug.  I'm honored by her desire to hook it.  But what did surprise me is that she had no hesitation at all about wanting to hook it in the largest of the three sizes I am offering.  Wow!  The big one! 

I didn't think there would be a lot of hookers who want to go this large in size at nearly 5' by 3'.  This really excites me!  But there's one twist.  Vicki asked if I can make the pattern up with Dachshund dogs.  Since I'm always up for a challenge, I said of course I can.

I can't resist having some fun, so I've frittered away most my day in Photoshop making the MM pattern with Dachshunds.  I must say it is pretty cute!  
MM rug with Dachshunds prototype. 
These colors are not being recommended for the rug.
But it didn't stop there.  No, my corgis have watched every step of this rug being made and I think their feelings have been hurt.  They have often looked up at me and conveyed "Mom, why aren't we in that rug instead of those other x!#@#* dogs?"  I need to be truer to my breed and use corgis in this pattern too. 
MM rug with Pembroke Welsh Corgis prototype. 
These colors are not being recommend for the rug.

So with more fun in Photoshop, and more of a wasted day, it's now made up with corgis.  I told my husband he has to hook this version of the rug, as I'm a little burned out after making the monster size rug.

Are there any other dogs any of you want made up MM style?  Just let me know!

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