Monday, March 19, 2012

Is Maggie Mad at Me?

How can a cutie like this (picture below) do this (second picture below)? 

Little Maggie is almost 2 years old.  Shouldn't she be past this puppy chewing phase?  We were so shocked to see her latest damage to our house.  We've been working hard at fixing up any dings to the walls and here she goes, chewing again.  She's only done this type of chewing one other time and it was a long time ago, when she was much younger.  I realize it is probably anxiety related. She is a snuggle bug and if she isn't in our direct presence she a little lost; but we were just in the computer room for a little bit when she did this. 
My over active  imagination wonders if she is mad at me because I didn't put her and Lulu in the MM rug instead of those other strange dogs.  Or could she be channeling from Magdalena who is mad at me for my versions of her work?  Note:  Maggie dog was not named after Magdalena, but certainly could be.  Either way, it's frustrating.

When we decided to adopt Maggie, we had a week's vacation planned (actually we were going to Hooker Hill Rug Camp) so she stayed with our breeder who was also boarding our other two corgis.  We went round and round on names all week.  I wanted to call her "Hooker" but my husband didn't like that name.  We could both agree on Maggie, and that's what she ended up with.  Lately when she's in trouble it's "Magdalena!  What have you done?!" with a shrill sound to it.  So?  Could she be channeling?  No, it must be my overactive imagination!

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