Saturday, March 17, 2012

Magdalena Style Eagle is Nearly Finished

I started the eagle mat on Tuesday at the Maggie's Girls hookin.  I liked it so much, I couldn't keep my hands off it.  It was raining all day yesterday, so what a perfect day to hook.

I love this rug.  I can't tell you why, it is "all over the place" in hooking, but for some reason I love it.  It looks better in person than it photographs.  For fun, I'm showing pictures of M's original rug and then mine.  You can see I used different colors.

It was easy to hook and I primarily used scraps.  I barely cut any wool for this project.  The original McCue Eagle rug has two crows, but I made mine smaller and without crows.  I never dreamed I'd have it finished so fast.  Now on to the backing. 
Original Magdalena Briner Eby rug:  McCue Eagle
Kathy Clark version McCue Eagle.
My plan, if I can execute it, is to take a piece of army blanket, dye it black and place it on the back with scalloped edges around the border.  I worked it up in Photoshop as an example and so I can explain it to my friend Sandy who is a quilter and a hooker.  Sandy will know how to make up the back.  I would struggle with it, but she will know how.   I think this piece will look really good near my Magdalena Menagerie rug.
Prototype of rug once mounted on wool backing
I've already posted this picture in an earlier post, but you are welcome to use it for making your own rug for personal use if you'd like to hook something similar.  Please, if you do, send me a picture to share on the blog.   
Pattern for your personal use.
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