Sunday, April 29, 2012

Insomnia and Dreaming About Rug Camp

I suppose there are advantages to insomnia in relation to my worry about my dear mother.  My current insomnia stems from the fact my mother wants to move to a different assisted living facility from the 6 resident private home where she currently resides.  There's not enough socialization for her in such a small setting, although the ratio of attention from caregivers is probably higher than in a bigger facility.

She's worried she will be brain dead before physically dead if she doesn't get more socialization.  So we are off to a larger facility.  I get it; she is bored out of her mind and so we shall move her.  Lack of social stimulation will make her spiral downhill as much as physical ailments.  Still, responsibilities and challenges of moving her create a lot of stress.

Maybe it is all worth it because when I can't sleep I look at pictures of hooked rugs and work in Photoshop to calm my overactive mind.  So between 2:30 - 5:30 a.m. this morning I designed my project for Cambria Pines Rug Camp.  Cambria Pines is organized by Gene Shepherd and Gene does a fabulous job of putting on camp with top notch teachers.  My teacher will be Diane Phillips.

I've considered many rugs to hook at Cambria and I have many patterns waiting for me, but I've been undecided about my project. I like to use camp settings to start one of my "landmark" rugs. These are the rugs where I feel challenged to create an antique rendition and I pour my soul into it.  I average about one of these rugs a year; they take a lot of thought, preparation and attention to fine detail (no, no, no - not 4 cuts - detail on how to incorporate wool to create an old look).

There are a few reasons why rug camps inspire me to hook my landmark rugs.  In addition to the coaching a teacher can offer:
  • I usually make a good dent in my wool stash (which pro-creates overnight) as I take 99% of my own wool because:  a) I need to use up wool I have on hand.
  • Going to camp is an exercise that makes me extremely organized in selecting wool for my project so it is all bundled and ready for camp; therefore, once at camp, I just grab, cut and hook in full bliss.
  • I like to hook a rug that gets some notoriety at camp; yes, I am a ham at heart and my trademark is antique style rugs, so folks seem to like to observe my efforts to create an antique style rug.  Hey, I'm honest huh?!  
So what's the project?  Well I've had my eye on this rug since my early days of hooking but I always wanted to make the dog watching the sheep a corgi dog as my Gracie Girl (who died in 2010) and add my Piper Puppy (who is still with us at nearly 14) to this idyllic antique rug scene.

 So in the wee hours of the morning, Piper and Gracie were born into this antique rug rendition.  Now all I have to figure out is how to dye the colors I need for this rug.  I think it will be a lot of fun!  I can't wait to start hooking, but the camp isn't until June!!!!  Do you think I can wait?  Or do you think I'll change my mind again?

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