Friday, May 4, 2012

Dogs and more Dogs

Big Dog Hollow
Who let the dogs out?!

In the past couple years, dogs have been a major motif of my rugs.

I think my intense fascination with hooking dog rugs started with the Big Dog Hollow pattern in 2010 (an antique rendition) and has been followed by many additional dog rugs.

The MM rug design has led to requests for many different dog breeds to be added to the MM pattern. The latest request for the MM pattern is a to add a Scottie and a Tea Cup Poodle.   Development on this pattern alteration is still in progress.

This last week I got a request to alter my pattern "Yellow Lab and Pups Gazing at the Milky Bones"  to add a Scottie and a smaller version Lab.  So here's the comparison of the original rug and the draft pattern with changes.  Fun huh?

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