Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's Cookin' in my house?

I haven't hooked in nearly two weeks (well I did pull just a few loops last night) because I've been busy working on moving my mother to a larger assisted living facility where there are more people and activities.  When I'm involved in a project like moving mom, it affects my creative juices.  So hooking has been on the back burner.

But..... I have been cookin' up something else in my spare time.

I've been preparing some rug hooking related altered art pieces for the Cambria Rug Camp student sale.  Besides patterns and aprons and buttons that I take to the sale I always try to make up some handmade creations.  The student sale is a whirlwind of activity that is over in about 30 minutes, but the proceeds help to make a significant dent in my camp fees (both Larry and I go, so it's expensive for two of us!).

So what are the ingredients for this new recipe?
  • vintage muffin tins and kitchen utensils
  • needle felted sheep heads 
  • other ingredients (yet to be determined)
  • and.... silliness!
I love making altered art pieces but they do demand a certain audience and they aren't for everyone.  So far my current idea is only half baked.  

I'm not entirely sure yet how these guys will play out, but getting a bunch of sheep heads felted up is a  beginning.  The ideas are still percolating in my pea brain.  Once I've got enough heads created and I can start playing with them the rest of the mix will follow!

Here are some examples of altered art pieces I made last year:

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