Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How About a Little Magdalena Meow Mix?

As you know, I've been preoccupied with moving my mother to a new assisted living facility.  The move is officially completed today!  I'm exhausted and I tried to take a nap, but I couldn't relax enough to drop off into sleep.  So I tried a little eBay and Etsy retail therapy.  This woke me up enough to feel like blogging so here's a little chat with you.

First, thank you for all your well wishes and comments of late, in support of my caregiver role.  I appreciate the support.

I missed the Magdalena Tuesday group today due to the move and I've been betwixt and between on a little Mag style rug in the animal cut-out style.  I'm not wild about this rug, so progress is slow.  Here's a little peek at progress so far.
Magdalena style animal reverie in progress.  Design is evolving as I hook.  
I couldn't quite bring myself to do the lollipop bouquet again, yet, but I do want to hook it again some day.  All the little circles in the bouquet drive me crazy and are tedious, so I made the lollipop into a rainbow in this design.  It's my favorite part of the design.  It's fun for something different, huh?  As I said, I'm not wild about this pattern and at the rate I'm going I don't know if it will get finished because:  I have a couple new Magdalena style designs I want to do instead!!!

I have been overly devoted to dogs for a long time but I do love cats equally even though I don't own a cat right now.   So over the weekend I decided it's time to give cats a fair shake at Magdalena hooking.

Here's my progress on what I call "Magdalena Meow Mix" and I like both designs very much.  I can't wait to start one!    The colors in these photos are for sprucing up the pictures from pure black and white and are not intended as a suggested color plan for these patterns.
Cats with the famous Magdalena leaf.
Cats with the famous Magdalena lollipop bouquet.
I would love to have some company hooking these designs.  Are any of you interested in joining me?  We could do a rug challenge if you are willing.  If you would like to consider this opportunity, please email me at grinningsheep@gmail.com and chat with me about it.  I'm still turning it over in my mind as to how to take on a rug challenge, but if you like the patterns please let me know.  It might need to be deferred until after I return from Cambria (mid-June) but we could hook together to make up these fun cats!

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