Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Can't Contain Myself!

Hello Friends, oh my, please tell me what's a girl to do?

I worked so hard yesterday tracing out seven patterns, one being the gigantic Magdalena Menagerie (with dogs) pattern and I was so tired I had to do something to soothe my nerves!  After being on my feet most of the day and evening working on the patterns I deserved a little respite.  Yes?

I could not contain myself.  I just had to do it ...... after Larry took my new Magdalena Meow Mix patterns down for enlargement I had to draw one out for myself!  This means if we do the Mag Meow Mix challenge in June, I will have to hook the other one.

For some reason the Mag Meow Mix cats with the leaf calls my name first.  So that's the one I started.  I promise, I will wait on starting the other pattern until the challenge is on, if indeed interest keeps up on launching it (after mid-June).  So far about 6 hookers have expressed interest and I'm keeping track of you as your notes come in to me and I will be in touch with you about the challenge scheduled later in June (thank you for your interest too!).

Here's the beginning of my little Mag Meow Mix catsy so far.  This is from late night and early morning hooking and as always, some of it may change (reverse hooking).
Photographing your rug along the way will help you with that "standing back" view of the rug.  Here you can see some of my potential faux pas.

You can see I have a few bright rows of wool and they may come out, but I want to see how they look as more progress is made before I pull them.

In person the cat stands out more than in this picture but looking at the kitty in this photo makes me think I may need to outline him in narrow black wool.  Yes, black wool, that taboo color in hooking.  More about that later, I have a whole article I want to write on using black wool to achieve an antique look in a rug.  Here's the prototype for this rug again, even though you've seen it in my prior post.

I am so thrilled with these kitties.  I hope they hook up as fun as they were to draw and color.  Thanks for following my journey and I hope you have a great day and week!  Kathy

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