Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OK, OK, Back to the "If it's Tuesday it Must be Magdalena Day"

I have really let my Magda-ized audience down lately by not giving you the latest buzz on the Tuesday Maggie's Girls activity.  My lack of posting is partially due to less "pure" Magdalena hooking within the group as a couple of us are on standby for the next Magdalena adventure (as Betty and Denise finish their rugs from round one).

From some feedback I've received, it seems important to keep the saliva glands going so here are some pic's of Betty's and Denise's rugs from last Tuesday and a sneak peek at a new MB style rug I am starting on.
Denise's background is coming along nicely!  
Denise's rug.
Betty's lollipop bouquet. 

Lynda was going to be part of our original Maggie's Girls group, but she could not make the initial meetings of the group so she's been hooking on her own for many weeks and is working on this piece until we do the next group challenge.  She is doing a wonderful job!
 Lynda's eagle in progress.  I drew this out for her from the freebie pattern I've shared here on the blog.
Here's a sneak peek of my new MB in progress; it is just a little tiny peek!  I don't like it yet, but that happens to lots of rugs I work on.  I fall in love with them in about the last 5 minutes of hooking!

Incidentally, I'm now going to the Maggie's Girls group a little later than usual each Tuesday because I'm taking a Zumba class.  I've wanted to take Zumba for a long time and my health club offered a new class on Tuesday mornings.  I seriously need the exercise, so I'm suffering through missing the first hour and a half of the Maggie's Girls.

Well, let me tell you, during the entire first class of Zumba (one full hour) I kept thinking to myself:  "It's a good thing I'm good at hooking because I'm lousy at Zumba!"

The fact is that I think I'm learning challenged when I have to do anything with repeat patterns in it or teach myself from written directions!
Dances that have repetitious patterns are something I stumble through and you may say it just takes practice, but let me tell you, I don't imprint patterns.  And when you add frequent changes that are part of any normal dance ... well... I'm cooked!  So my form of Zumba is more like move, shake, rattle and roll but no pretty Samba, Meringa or Salsa steps for me.  I don't know if I even know how to spell those dance names correctly let alone getting the foot work down.  But our instructor is happy with my efforts to move for an hour and that in itself if a good accomplishment.  I just wish I could Zumba like I can hook!

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