Monday, April 23, 2012

Starting to Feel Gabby Again!

I haven’t been posting for a while -  a long while for me as I’m usually quite the gabby one!  I shared in the last post I was feeling the blues about my mother’s health and status.  Thank you for the kind words I received, support and encouragement through comments to the blog and private emails.  It means a lot to me.

On top of my worries about my mother, things have been off kilter given some interesting family dynamics that go along with this situation.  It is amazing how family communication challenges can ruin a day or two or more!  This is not communication problems with my mother.  She is a near perfect angel and has always been easy for me to talk to.  She is the best angel in my life!  I am so lucky to have her! 

Fortunately I attended a class yesterday that helped to lift my spirits, so I feel the spirit of "being in a better mood" recovery setting in!  I took a wet felting class on making flowers.  My friend Deb went with me and it is always a joy to be with Deb.  We laugh a lot and she is full of curiosity about lots of things.  Between the friendship and the class it was a good dose of medicine for me.  We had a great time and made some beautiful flowers.  I forgot to take my camera, but as soon as Deb sends me her pic’s I will post some of them.

This is Deb at my house making hooked pumpkin head dolls with me last year.
I want to share a quick story with you about Deb.  When I first met her this time last year, I had been through the wringer due to an unpleasant political situation in my rug hooking guild.  The guild was in near melt down over several issues and I got caught in the cross-fire.  I try to stay immune to group politics, but this caught me completely off guard.  I felt so hurt from the experience I couldn’t bring myself to go to the guild for over half a year.  I’m sure you all know how situations can develop with a large group of women and how hurtful they can be.  What can I say?  It happens, it's human, but it has blown over now and I am attending the guild again.    

At any rate, when I met Deb she asked me why I wasn't going to the guild since I was such an addicted hooker.  I shared a little bit about my guild experience, why I’d stopped going to the guild and that I was probably the "black sheep" of the guild.  This statement about me has been our personal joke and we laugh about it often.  I even have a nickname I won't repeat on the blog in order to remain politically correct.  I don’t mind being the black sheep type, it is rather a renowned position in my opinion.  I have always felt rather unique!

To keep up the humor between us, several months later Deb showed up on my birthday with the funniest gift for me.  I absolutely howled with laughter when I opened it.  Isn't this a darling gift for me?!!  Aren’t they just perfect?  Ha, ha, we have laughed about these little fellows a lot.  And you know, laughter is a great tonic for what ails you, so I endorse laughter at all costs.

I hope something gives you a good laugh today and you can share it with someone dear to you too!

Blessings to you, Kathy, aka, the Grinning Sheep
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