Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sharing my Excitement!

Earlier this evening I received an email from Jane who ordered a Magdalena Menagerie pattern with Corgi dogs several weeks ago.  I believe Jane resides in the Seattle area, but I'm saying this from memory.

Along with the email came two pictures of Jane's rug in progress and I am thrilled with it.  I love this rug!  Is it cute, fun, heartwarming or what?!!  I cannot get enough of looking at this Corgi's expression!

Magdalena Menagerie pattern with Corgis in progress by Jane Ave Lallemant close-up of first Corgi
Larger view of rug by Jane Ave Lallemant using the Magdalena Menagerie with Corgis pattern
When I hooked the MM rug I loved the pattern with what I now affectionately call the "padula" dogs, but adapting it for other breeds has brought me so much joy.  I have a medium size Corgi version drawn out for myself and now that I see it in progress, I can't wait to hook it!

Great work Jane and please keep the pictures coming in!

On another topic that I am very excited about:

I've been quiet as a church mouse about this information because I thought it best for my friend Carol to make the announcement before I shared the information.  The official announcement is on her blog as of yesterday:  http://www.ticklepie.typepad.com/

Carol has asked me to teach a three day class in Mesa Arizona in early October on hooking antique style rugs with Magdalena as a folk art influence.  The class is limited to 12 students and there are already ten signed up for the class.

In this class students will design their own patterns and we will focus on:
  • Common and uncommon motifs found in antique hooked rugs
  • Reviewing the difference between primitive and antique style rugs
  • Techniques modern day hookers can use to achieve an antique appearance: overall design, motifs and fabric choices
  • How to select wool and other fabrics for an aged look: dyeing wool for the vintage look
  • Hooking outside the box to add naivete` and charm to hooked rugs
  • Studying the wonderful and prolific work of Magdalena Briner Eby, the queen of hit and miss hooking and fascinating rugs 
I am thrilled to present this class and thank Ms. Carol very much for inviting me to teach!  It is a wonderful opportunity for me and I am honored to be asked to share my passion for antique style rugs.   

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