Thursday, May 24, 2012

If it's Tuesday it Must be Magdalena Day!

The Maggie's girls met yesterday and nearly the whole group was present.  We've been a little fragmented lately with various schedules and this will continue for a few more weeks at least, but we're trudging onward to finish up round one of the Magdalena style rugs.

Betty is finishing her lollipop bouquet with whip stitching and cording.  Denise is still working on her background but she has made significant progress.  Sandy is working on a non-Magda rug since she finished up several weeks ago and I'm working on my Magdalena Meow Mix Cats with Leaf.  Here are the pic's from yesterday's meeting.

Denise's rug.  The background is fascinating on this rug!
This picture will show you more of the background.

My Magdalena Meow Mix Cats with Leaf.  I've made a few changes since the last post.
At the last guild meeting we shared Betty's rug and the group was shocked that she hooked it.  Betty the fine cut hooker swayed by Magdalena's lollipop bouquet.  We asked the group whose rug it was and preliminary guesses were that it was mine.  But once we told the gang whose it is, there were a few shocked faces!

Hope you enjoy these!

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