Monday, September 10, 2012

Better Show You While I Can

I better show you this while I can.  It's a small miracle.  It's an almost clean, orderly, sensible looking wool room.  Yes, for the first time since all the shelving was introduced to the room, my wool room is almost completely neat and tidy.  It's all about having the house listed for sale.  You can't run people out of your house screaming that they thought they'd fall into a quicksand of wool when they walk into the wool room.  Each cubby can look a lot better if I straighten each one, but to this point this was as far as I could get with time available before "going live" in the real estate MLS.

Our house is listed as of today.  Over the past two arduous weeks I never thought we'd make the deadline in completing projects to be ready for today.  Of course the house could look better, much better, but it looks good.  It looks like a classy house now that my clutter is out of it.  I sold off almost all of my antiques last week to downsize and get a fresh start.  I didn't get a lot for them - they went to an antique dealer, but he took them all at once!  It made it so much easier!  I loved my antiques, but after 35 years, I am ready for less.  "Less is best" is my new mantra.  We'll see how long that lasts after we are relocated!

I haven't shared these kitties yet.  I hooked this rug in about 3 days a couple weeks ago.  I wanted to have a rug to take to my Mesa AZ class with the use of scrolls, outlining in off color(s) and some hit and miss (of course).  I've never hooked any scrolls and I wanted the old, worn look with some charming cats.  So these guys popped out quickly using an 8.5 and 9 cut of wool.

So now, we wait!  That's a hard thing to do!  Wish us luck with this house sale!

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