Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More of Texas

It's been a long couple weeks out here on the west coast since we returned from our wonderful Texas trip.  We've been getting painting bids and selecting a contractor for a major overhaul on the walls of our new home.  Color, lots of color, on 14' and 12' walls is what we want and we are getting it!  Our color journey began with testing colors directly on the walls and 16 samples later we found the mix we want.  For a week we lived with blotches of color on the walls and it still looked better than the existing off white walls.  In our trials and tribulations to find the right colors, we heard of one couple that tried 62 samples before getting the right combo; so at 16 color samples we felt pretty lean and mean!

Yesterday the painters began working and transforming our house into a "home" for us.  Until paint is on the walls we aren't hanging any artwork or rugs and the house has been drab and disjointed without our treasured collections.   By the end of today we'll have a beautiful home which comes together in the unity and coziness.

I'll post pictures of the transitions in a few days, but until then I have pictures from Yellow Rose Rug Camp to share.  What is better than seeing rugs, rugs and rugs?  And this is only about half of my pictures.  More to follow

These rugs are by Tricia Travis, our camp teacher extraordinaire.

This is Roberta from Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia.  Roberta's style is so amazing I am going to blog about it separately, if she is agreeable to it (I will seek her approval before posting).  For some reason, I always meet wonderful Canadian women at camp on the last day, in the final hours of camp when there is little time left for socializing.  I felt a kindred soul with Roberta and hope we can hook side by side some day soon.

Here are pic's from the throw down of the rugs on the final day.  Lots of amazing work took place in Texas.  

More pic's soon.  Couldn't fit them all on this post.

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