Thursday, March 28, 2013

Texas Rug Camp

Hello all,
I'm sorry for the delay in sharing more about our wonderful Texas trip.  Since returning home, we've been embroiled in selecting a painting contractor and the paint colors for our walls.  Choosing paint for the walls certainly makes color planning a rug seem easy in comparison!  After 16 samples of paint, I think we've got the colors down.  We did hear from a Sherwin Williams rep that he once worked with a couple who tried 64 colors before settling on the right color, so 16 isn't bad.

Here's more info about the Texas trip:

We arrived at Summer's Mill, the site of the Texas Yellow Rose Rug Camp, late on Sunday afternoon.  After a seamless check in and unpacking our personal belongings, it was off for dinner in the lovely and cozy dining room.  The room is full of country charm and the voices of happy hookers.

Summer's Mill is a conference/retreat center near Salado TX.  It is out in the country and it gave us a feeling of being on the ranch, Texas style.  It is a lovely location with beautiful vista views and lots of birds singing throughout the day.

The sleeping accommodations at Summer's Mill are private rooms, very clean, somewhat modest but comfortable.  Some of the lodges have a sitting room area with couches, chairs and TV in a central area to rest the weary hooking bones.

Our camp teacher was Tricia Travis of Country Gatherings (San Antonio).  Here is Larry posing with Tricia, a most gracious and lovely woman.  This picture was taken on the last day of class when a little fatigue was setting in, but still Tricia has a bright smile and cheery manner.

I first met Tricia when I traveled to Texas last August for the annual ATHA Regional Angela Pumphrey workshop which Tricia organizes.  I have rarely felt such a warm welcome as she offered me then and once again at YR Camp.  Tricia exudes everything you hear about the friendly people of Texas.

Tricia is especially known for her rug hooking adaptions of antique postcards for the holidays Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and her latest one is for Christmas.  You can see these lovely patterns and kits at:

This is the kit Larry worked on:
Picture from Country Gatherings website: all rights reserved.
This is the kit I worked on:
Picture from Country Gatherings website: all rights reserved.

I cannot say enough about Tricia's work ethic in teaching and her warm and encouraging style.  She stayed with the class day and night, was attentive to all students and worked hard with each of us.  She brought beautiful wool and her kits are very well organized.  Don't miss a chance to have her as a teacher if you have the opportunity.

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