Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Magdalena Menagerie

My friend Martha has been busy lately.  It's probably because she knows she will see me at the Star of Texas rug camp in Tyler in less than two weeks.  Perhaps this reunion is sparking a deadline for her hooking on the Magdalena Menagerie pattern.

A prolific hooker, Martha is very tuned in to the hooking of Texas.  Texas, as you know, is a big state and there is a lot of hooking that goes on there.  If there is a hooking event in Texas, you can count on Martha knowing about it and probably being there.

I had the pleasure to visit Martha last August.  As a humble gift of appreciation for her hospitality, I customized the MM pattern and took her one which includes her two dogs Rose and Abbey.

We got a bit of a start on the pattern while together in Dallas last August, and now Martha is working on the pattern again. Here's her progress last week:
The girls with one crow completed so far.
Cute huh?  I just love seeing this pattern hooked up with various dogs.  It is so much fun.

Martha also clarified for me, Abby is a Chiwennie and Rose is a Jack Russel/ Rat Terrier.

If you'd like your dogs included in this pattern, feel free to email me for details:

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