Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mr. Wes Meets Magdalena

I'm preparing to teach in Tyler next month and spending lots of time in the dye pots and working up patterns for students.

For her class project, Barbara originally ordered my Lil' Scrappy Dog pattern because it reminds her of her grand-dog Mr. Wes.

Lil' Scrappy Dog Pattern
Barbara asked if I could make a few alterations to Lil' Scrappy Dog and she indicated she likes the Magdalena style of other dog patterns I've designed.  My original reaction was to revise Lil' Scrappy Dog and Magda-ize him.  Here's where that idea went:
Lil' Scrappy Dog Magda-ized.
Then Barbara sent me some pictures of the real Mr. Wes.

Once I received the picture of Mr. Wes I decided it was best to do a total redesign and make a pattern that represents a true Pom (primitive style of course) rather than substituting Lil' Scrappy Dog.

So I played on the computer last night and worked up these Mr. Wes meets Magdalena prototypes:
Version one:
Pom version 1 Magda-ized.
Version two:
Pom version 2 Magda-ized.
I'm favoring version two, but it's up to Barbara.  Either way, I think hooking Mr. Wes Magdalena style is going to be a lot more fun than hooking the original Lil' Scrappy Dog.  I guess Lil' Scrappy Dog will have to be on my frame soon so I can Magda-ize him.

Post Script:  whoops, he went through another change; version 1 dog with version 2 background, so here's the FINAL version of Mr. Wes:
If you wish to have your dog Magda-ized in a rug hooking pattern, feel free to contact me about the project.

If you copy pictures from my blog for Pinterest, please kindly give credit to my blog site for the pictures.  

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