Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where's the Sheep?

Yes, I've been missing in action.  I've thought a lot about blogging, but haven't been able to make myself sit down to post.  I want to show you some before and after pic's of our home, now that it feels like a home.  But to do that, lots of editing has to take place to get the picture colors more true to form due to camera flash.  So I'll save that post for another week.

I pulled loops in my studio this week for the first time since moving into this house.  It felt good.  The studio was about 90% ready to photograph for posting pictures, but then we discovered some unpacked boxes in the garage and guess what?  Yes, they were hooking items.  Transferring them into the studio ate up all the free space and created another big mess to organize.  Humbug!  Just when I was feeling a little bit organized, we found more stuff to organize.

Now I'm becoming knee deep in preparing to teach at the Star of Texas Camp in Tyler in early June.  The next few weeks will be all about wool, wool, wool and patterns.  I love delving back into dyeing and creating wool for camp.  I just wish it was under a more organized household condition.

Yesterday my friend Sandy finished her Magdalena Menagerie which I customized for her dogs.  Didn't she do an amazing and fun job with this rug of Coco and Molly?  She used only cut strips from her stash, no new wool.  Isn't it fun?  And did you know I've customized this rug hooking pattern for over 13 breeds now?  So if you'd like to hook your dogs in this pattern, email me for details:

Cute huh?  I feel like a proud momma seeing it hooked up and they aren't even my doggies!
Magdalena's Menagerie by Sandy Satnowski (pattern by Briarwood Folk Art)

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