Friday, August 16, 2013

New Rug Update

I haven't had a lot of time to hook lately.  There have been a lot of other responsibilities taking precedence, so progress on this rug is slow.

Here's a quick update on the rug in progress:

Peaceful Valley by Kathy Clark,
I have had to work a lot on issues related to contrast in this rug.  The chickens fading into the grass and field background areas; the small gray lamb's legs fading into the grass.

The middle size lamb's ears had to be reworked.  They were too short and stumpy.  They are better now, but I'm still not sure about them.  They may get reworked again.

The painted sky is time consuming.  I don't do the traditional straight lines across the rug with a painted sky.  I move the colors around more than straight lines.  

I will have to rework the drawing for the final pattern once I'm finished with this prototype.  I can't say I like it yet, but this often happens to me and then, in the final 5 minutes as I finish a rug I finally like it!
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