Monday, August 19, 2013

Website Makeover

I've been procrastinating on updating my rug hooking website for a long time.  I was tired of the graphics and the listing style, but somewhat limited in how many changes could be made to the site.  I'm no expert in setting up a website, so I needed help.

I contacted Amy at Amybug's Attic at  What a pleasant experience.  

Amy is very clear on her website about her office hours which are evening hours because she home schools her child.  Her hours may be shorter in length than a standard 8-5, but she cranks out the work very fast and is an excellent communicator.

I sent Amy a partially made banner I sometimes use here on the blog.  It's a picture of a woman and child with a hooked rug sitting on their laps.  I also sent a few other pieces of clip art I've created in Photoshop.  Amy ran with it.  Her additions to the graphic I sent are fabulous and clever.  I can't say more about how pleased I am with her work and her help.

If you need some help with graphics Amy is your best bet.  I've admired her work among other folk artists and I'm so glad I got to "meet"  her through this transaction.  It all took place in cyber space, but it was a true pleasure.  Give her an email.... you won't be disappointed.  And please visit my website for a peek at the new pages.  Just click on Izzy Mae the sheep girl in the upper right column of this blog.
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