Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fun with Wool Finishes

When I teach I like to make a few new class examples to share with students.  For my trip to Canada I made a couple rugs with some different finishes that I have been thinking about for a while. 

The “Mouse in the House” pattern is completed with a rolling border which is intentionally a bit catawampus in shape.  After all, that would be me, catawampus for sure.  Isn't that a great word? 
Close-up of wool Border to Mouse in the House rug.

The beaver rug has a saw tooth border.  After all, beavers are gnawing kinds of critters, so a saw tooth design seemed in order. 
Close-up of saw tooth border.
Another close-up of the saw tooth border.

Both of these borders are easy to make and fun.  They are not boring to work on like whip stitching can become; they work up pretty fast too.  

I will be putting together a small and inexpensive booklet of my favorite fun with wool finishes soon, complete with directions and pictures.  Stay tuned for an announcement when it is available.  

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