Friday, September 27, 2013

Whet your appetite!

I returned home from Canada late last Saturday night; what a week since arriving home; way, way too busy and we are preparing for some special Texas hooker friends to arrive here tomorrow. With everything going on, today is the first chance I've had to post blog notes/pictures since coming back from Canada.

All I can say is:  "oh wow, I'd do the trip over again and again, and again, and again, if I could" like the movie "Ground Hog Day".  It was an experience I will never forget.  I can't find the words to express the fun and pleasure we had in Canada.  It was heaven.

I have lots and lots of pictures to share, but for now, let me just whet your appetite for the rugs you'll see when I can post more next week, by showing you this visual aid for color!  Does nature teach us a lot about color or what?  From the Byward Market in lovely Ottawa:

If you can't wait to see and read more about the trip, Loretta at Hooked on the Lake blog has already shared pictures of our rug hooking class.  You can get to her blog by the link on the right for Hooked on the Lake.  You may have to go back a few posts; Loretta's blog changes quickly with all the fun hooking activities in Canada.  And there will be more from me in the next two weeks.  Stay tuned.
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